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About us

What is the vision and mission of Lolley's Logistics?

My name is Dennis Lolley, CEO at Lolley's Logistics. Thanks for reading this article to learn more about our mission at Lolley's Logistics.

What is Lolley's Logistics?

Lolley's Logistics helps consumers by providing the best products from around the world. 

  1. Finding products: You can find thousands of products on our website easily at the click of a button.
  2. Faster/Cheaper shipping: We understand everyone wants products cheaper and with faster shipping.To solve this, we looked for the best suppliers around the world; If you ship products from your home country (or countries close by), shipping will be much cheaper and faster.
  3. High quality products: Most of the other online stores sell the same products sourced from cheap sources. In addition to the slow shipping, the quality of products are low. We focused on higher quality suppliers from around the world.
  4. Discounts: We understand that in order to build a successful e-commerce shop, you need to offer great discounts. Team Lolley's Logistics negotiates with suppliers to offer a range of 25-50% discount off of their retail price. 

How long is the shipping time?

Each product on Lolley's Logistics has an order processing time, as well as an order shipping time. The order processing time is the time it takes a supplier to prepare an order for shipment. The order shipping time is the time it takes for the item to reach the end customer.

Shipping time varies from product to product based on the following factors:


  • Location of the supplier
  • Processing time
  • Delivery service used
  • Other external factors 

You can find this information in the product description. Click on the product on the search tab and you will see the processing time and shipping time indicated in the description.


It's important to note that processing time and shipping time is counted in business days. In order to get the total order processing and shipping time, add the days together. For example, the product below will take a minimum of 6 days and a maximum of 10 days to arrive at the end customer, if they are located in the United States. 

How do I know if an order has been shipped by the supplier?

As soon as your order is shipped by the supplier, you will receive an automated email with the tracking details.

Every Lolley's Logistics supplier has their own processing and shipping times. If you find that your order is still within the processing period, please give it some time. Don't forget to deduct the weekends from your timeframe since our suppliers only work on weekdays. 

Once the package leaves the supplier’s warehouse, the notification email will be sent out with the tracking information. 

Can I choose a shipping carrier?

Each Lolley's Logistics supplier will choose a default shipping carrier, along with the associated domestic and international shipping flat rates. There are no options to select certain carriers on Lolley's Logistics at this moment.


How do returns, exchanges, and refunds for orders work on Lolley's Logistics?

What is the return policy for Lolley's Logistics orders?

Each supplier on Lolley's Logistics has their own unique return policy. Many suppliers offer returns, while some suppliers may have a no-refund policy on all their orders.

Contact our support team at to get the most up to date return/refund information. 

In extreme cases, Lolley's Logistics reserves the right to overturn a supplier's return policy. Such cases include:

  • Customer received a damaged or incorrect product: In the case that a customer reports a damaged or incorrect product, the customer will be required to submit photo evidence for review. If the claim is approved, the supplier is responsible for paying the return shipping charges and for replacing or refunding the order. If the product packaging is damaged but the product itself is intact, the recipient must submit a claim to the shipping carrier directly.
  • The shipment was returned to the supplier due to incorrect address: In the case that a reshipment is required due to address entry error on the customer's end, this additional shipping cost will be covered by Lolley's Logistics.
  • Missing order: In the case that a package is delivered (based on tracking number update) but the recipient claims that they did not receive the item, the recipient must submit a claim to the shipping carrier directly.
  • Late order: In the case that the product has not been processed or shipped within the time frame agreed to by the supplier, and the customer wishes to cancel the order, then the supplier is responsible for refunding the order. Please note that a supplier may sometimes require more time to fulfill orders such as during high-volume seasons. In these instances, the supplier is allowed to notify that their orders will be fulfilled later than normal.

How do I request for a return, exchange or refund?

Handling returns is something that is hard to avoid but Lolley's Logistics is here to help! We have put together the following process to make this process easier:

  1. Make sure to have a valid reason to replace or return the product (e.g. defective items) and obtain evidence by requesting photos. 
  2. Next, contact our Customer Support team via email at or live chat and include the evidence.
  3. After we have successfully alerted the supplier and they have approved the order return or refund, the product must be returned to the supplier.
  4. Next, the customer must return the product and provide a tracking number. The product must be returned to the address on the original package.
  5. Once the tracking number has been provided (or once the supplier has received the returned product), a replacement product will be shipped or a refund will be credited back to the card on file.

In order for Lolley's Logistics to process a refund for an order, we will require a tracking number to be provided for our suppliers for the order/item return.

How does Lolley's Logistics vet its suppliers?

In order to become a supplier on Lolley's Logistics, suppliers are required to go through an in-depth review and onboarding process.  Here is an overview of the requirements:

  • High quality products: all suppliers are the producers of high-quality products, most of which are produced and shipped from Europe or North America
  • No third party warehouses: all suppliers are required to manufacture or hold their own inventory - no third party warehouses allowed!
  • Discount on retail prices: all suppliers are required to offer discounted pricing off of their regular retail price to ensure our customers are getting the best deals!
  • Fast order processing and shipping: all suppliers are required to abide by the processing and shipping time frames they have specified in order to offer customers the best experience

At Lolley's Logistics, we want our customers to have the best-in-class experience, which is why all Lolley's Logistics suppliers go through a rigorous vetting process before joining the platform.