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Autonomous Ergonomic Office Chair - ErgoChair Pro+ Black Frame, Black

SKU A255
Color: Black

Premium Spinal Support: Find the perfect balance while sitting in your office chair with innovative lumbar support modeled after magnetic fields. This ergonomic office chair's design encourages a seating posture that activates the body's core and promotes a better sense of well-being than conventional computer chairs. Designed for cutting-edge ergonomic support, this comfortable chair features AutonomousÕ premium ergonomic chair back support.

Adjustable: The ErgoChair Pro+ features adjustable armrests that keep your arms and elbows in the optimal 90 degree position, which eases joint and wrist pain and even helps prevent carpal tunnel. The armrests can be adjusted up and down, in and out, and forward and backward. The back tilt angle can be adjusted as well as the tension, and the seat height adjusts to ensure your legs are adequately supporPremium Material:ted, reducing pressure on your ankles and knees.

Premium Material: The ErgoChair Pro+ is available in two variations: the naked TPE option features 100% TPE upholstery with an ABS plastic frame. ItÕs a striking look that will set your chair apart and give your office a modern, futuristic feel. The mesh version is made with 100% TPE and polyester fabric upholstery with an ABS plastic frame. This breathable mesh offers an additional layer of support while making the aesthetics of the ergonomic chair a bit more subdued, perfect for a professional office setting.

DIMENSIONS: 28ÓL x 28ÓW x 40Ó - 44ÓH

TRIAL & WARRANTY: 30-day trial, 5-year warranty