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UNiPLAY Waffle Play Cube Blocks Big Cube 6pcs a Set (#UB02)

  • Focusing on recreational safety by using antiseptic materials for all products.
  • Lightweight blocks that securely fit together in every direction for unlimited configurations
  • Training hand muscle, hand and eye coordination and brain development.
  • Multicolor element enhances color cognitive and visual development.
  • Food grade antibacterial materials Passed European safety regulation.


From Soft heart (soft material), turning to strong experience.

UNiPLAY soft building blocks offer a colorful visual experience and comfortable touch, involving the five senses of gaming experience. UNiPLAY soft building blocks are durable, easy to clean and perfect for outdoor use. You can play anytime and anywhere with multiple players.


UNiPLAY allows kids to have fun and gain knowledge in a safe environment. It can also stimulate creativity, enhance team working ability and develop imagination. We believe all children should grow and develop in a friendly environment. With extra care, children are able to learn, grow and experience the fun and wisdom from playing with our products.


Big Cube Blocks

Big Cube Blocks use the same material as UNiPLAY soft building blocks it is safe, non-toxic and antibacterial. These blocks are different from the normal blocks they look like puzzle floor mat. They can connect together and be stacked with UNiPLAY soft building blocks so children can build their dream castle using stacked Big Cube Blocks!


Big Cube Blocks are soft, durable, non-toxic, antibacterial and odorless. Through the playing creative combinations, children can have fun together, role playing, peekaboo and even building their dream kingdom. The Big Cube blocks promote children's cognitive development and social collaboration, and allow children to use their imagination.


Great for indoor or outdoor use, these snap-together giant waffle blocks are perfect for building a fort, castle or anything else a child’s imagination might create.


6 Pieces in a set. Each piece: 38.7x38.7cm (14"L x 2"W x 14"H)